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Custom made parts produced in France, high quality with a 5 year guarantee.

Delivered to you within 3-5 days of the deposit of your files on our server

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Our history

Created in 2014, our company IXI Prod (formerly 3DRPD) is a production centre, expert in laser micro-fusion using an additive solution and industrial 3D printers, in dental prosthetics

Located in the attractive business park close to the capital of the Vendée, we mainly work in collaboration with dental technicians in France and Europe. We are also able to produce small unmachined industrial parts (max 140x140x70 mm) for various fields such as medical, jewelry, automotive or any type of prototyping.

The team

The IXI Prod team is made up of 5 people. Pierre, Arthur Sebastien Corentin and Amanda.

Inspired by a sociocritical business model, each person has their responsibilities but can work in any position. IXI Prod is an agile and versatile company that values exchange and individual initiative at the service of the collective. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We respond to your requests as quickly as possible while paying particular attention to the details and quality of our products.


Our watchwords: responsiveness, complementarity and rigour.

Our process

All orders should be received before 4pm French time to optimise the production times.
  • 1.

    Order on our portal site

  • 2.

    Receipt of your STL or DCM file on our internet server

  • 3.

    Creation of your product containing your customer info and an image of the part to print

  • 4.

    Creation of your product containing your customer info and an image of the part to print

  • 5.

    Placement of your file on our production plate

  • 6.

    Slicing of the file into 1 thousand layers

  • 7.

    Loading of the file into our machine

  • 8.

    Production (about 10h)

  • 9.

    Machine post processing

  • 10.

    Separation of the parts from the production plate

  • 11.


  • 12.

    Careful removal of the supports

  • 13.

    Preparation of the product with special tools

  • 14.

    Quality control between the digital file and the final product

  • 15.

    Pass the product onto the delivery company

Our parts are delivered* in Europe within 24 hrs

*you can choose the company from TNT,DHL, UPS

Our expertise

We manufacture custom made parts using the Micro Fusion Laser method or DMLS, Direct Metal Laser System. This process makes it possible to manufacture a metal part from its 3D representation, by depositing successive layers of metal powder. It is a technique of addition, that is to say an addition of matter.

The Fabrication

To make our parts: we deposit metal powder resulting from an alloy of cobalt and chromium renowned for their solidity and their resistance to tarnishing on the production plate.

A laser with a power of 300 Watts fuses the metal particles necessary for the manufacture of the part with the front layer. The operation is repeated to obtain maximum precision. On average, we make prints of 1200 layers.

This process is carried out thanks to a state of the art system under the supervision of a qualified operateur.

The advantages of Laser Micro-Fusion

For ten years, 3D printing has been an essential element in dental prosthetics.

What are the advantages ?


It is the fastest production method on the market. At IXI PROD, production times are 2 to 4 days maximum, and products are delivered within 24 hours.


The powder is 100% reusable thanks to a recycling system that purifies the powder.


Printing is done with an accuracy of 30 microns.

Our parts are :

Certified French

All our parts are produced in our workshop near La Roche-sur-Yon

High Quality

We attest to the optimal comfort in the mouth and the reliability of our products

Guarantee 5 years

Each part was provided with a card allowing you to activate the guarantee very easily

Our products

Metal printed framework


Printed framework, supports taken off and sandblasted

Semi Polished

Printed framework, polished by our dry electro polishing machine (DLyte)

Polished Excellence

Framework worked and polished by hand finished in our DLyte machine


Polished finish and fitted on a digital printed model


Molar Band

Metal ring printed and sanblasted

Palate Expander

Metal expander printed and sandblasted


Implant Bar

Metal bar 3D printed and sandblasted

If the manufacturing time of the product turns out to be shorter, we undertake to send you your part before the time indicated. If we receive other orders from you during this period, all your parts will be sent in a single order.

All our products are made to measure. We invite you to contact our customer service to choose the appropriate finish.

CAD services available - Digital model

Digital designed model

Model design

Digital designed Framework

Design of a framework

Reinforced metal backing

Only for a polished or excellence finish

Digital Model

Only with a corresponding metal framework

At IXI PROD we favor our loyal customers and value this collaboration thanks to the customer loyalty discount from sales figures of 1000€ excluding transport per month.

The machine parc

We have a complete fleet of high-performance machines to meet all your needs. All our machines are guaranteed to have the latest updates. Each has a specific and patented system for layering, which optimizes the quality of the final production.

Our clients

We work in direct collaboration with dental laboratories in France and Europe.
Our desire is to develop a privileged relationship with our customers by becoming a trusted partner, like an annex, a branch of your laboratory.

Thanks to this cooperation, we get as close as possible to the end expectations of the customer and can offer prints of unique, tailor-made pieces with several possible finishes.

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